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Roof Advisory Group recognizes that the financial planning needs of clientele vary dramatically based on their individual situation and personal objectives. Unlike the cookie cutter approach used by other firms, Roof Advisory Group's proprietary comprehensive financial planning process is designed to address each client's unique needs on an individual basis, providing customized solutions with detailed recommendations and specific action steps.

Areas of focus for a financial planning engagement can range from addressing broader concerns such as retirement planning, asset accumulation, and business transition to evaluating targeted needs such as future college funding, home/business financing options, and elder care costs. Most often, clients need the firm's expertise in quantifying and prioritizing how to best address their unique combination of issues and objectives. Whether the initial engagement is a basic 'financial check-up' or a detailed analysis of various retirement funding scenarios, Roof Advisory Group's planning clientele know they are receiving professional and unbiased advice from a team of experts that will assist them in reaching their financial goals.


The investment advisory services offered by Roof Advisory Group are custom designed to meet each client's specific needs. Examples include:

Individual Portfolio Review:
For individual clientele, a comprehensive portfolio review is typically paired with the financial planning services listed above to assure a client's current portfolio structure appropriately complements both near and long term financial objectives. This portfolio evaluation process not only identifies potential investment risk, hidden cost, and inefficient asset structure, it also quantifies specific areas of underperformance versus benchmarked standards and provides step-by-step implementation recommendations to correct whatever deficiency exists.

Institutional Portfolio Review:
Institutions, including corporations, associations, not-for-profits, endowments and foundations, engage the firm for comprehensive portfolio reviews and independent, in-depth analysis of their current investment strategy, investment policy and/or portfolio managers. When engaged in this consultative role, the firm maintains its independence and integrity by not pursuing any direct investment management business with the hiring organization during the period of engagement.

Fulfilling Fiduciary Needs:
Another area of professional focus is assisting institutional 401(k) and other retirement plan sponsors fulfill their fiduciary obligation by providing independent investment reviews and recommendations regarding the retirement plan investment options offered to participants. Whether provided on an ongoing or periodic basis, Roof Advisory Group's expertise adds both value and peace of mind to plan sponsor and participant alike.

Expert Analysis & Testimony:
Finally, the firm is periodically engaged to provide expert witness analysis and/or testimony in legal matters relating to investment management. Each situation is thoroughly reviewed prior to accepting an engagement to determine if the firm can add substantial value. Past involvement has ranged from assessing the appropriateness of the portfolio management strategy applied to a plaintiff's account by a large banking/brokerage organization to determining the direct cost/return lost by elderly retirees when sold multiple high-commission products by a less-than-scrupulous insurance representative.


Roof Advisory Group's wealth management support is typically offered in conjunction with the portfolio management services provided for the firm's high net worth clientele. Clients' ongoing wealth management needs span a broad range of customized services. Some examples are:

Retirement Income Management:
The firm's objective is to provide clientele with seamless and worry-free distribution of their investment income and/or principal regardless of time or location. Among the most straightforward is transitioning and coordinating a client's overall asset structure to one that is more appropriately positioned to provide ongoing, predictable and tax-efficient retirement income. Directly managing and implementing a client's preferred dispersal method of monthly/quarterly/annual cash flow is another example.

Comprehensive Asset Coordination:
For most clients, their managed portfolio assets only represent a portion of their overall net worth. Other assets can include real estate interests, business equity, accrued retirement benefits, potential inheritances, and unmarketable securities. Coordinating a client's broad-based asset mix in a tax efficient manner that assures appropriate wealth preservation and liquidity while also optimizing growth, limiting risk, and maintaining tax-efficiency is a critical and ongoing wealth management function.

Intergenerational Investment Planning:
Many of the firm's longstanding relationships include members from multiple generations within the same family. Each family has its own unique set of priorities and expectations involving both current and future wealth transfer to family members, charities, etc. The firm is often involved in working closely with a client's extended family and other professional advisors to assure continuity in both the management of investments and the implementation of long term objectives.

Most wealth management services involve coordination with the other members of a client's advisory team, most typically their attorney and accountant. Roof Advisory Group does not provide direct in-house legal or tax advice but works diligently with experts in each field to assure our client's overall wealth is appropriately managed, planned for, and ultimately transitioned based on their intentions and desires.



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