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Our Process

Each person’s investment situation is unique and addressed as such. Our recommendations are made in a way that focuses on maximizing returns within jointly determined risk parameters.

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Our Clients

From professionals, lawyers, business owners to those retirement-ready or seeking a solid financial plan, you’d be hard-pressed to find a scenario that we have not worked with successfully. View Client Profiles

How We Charge

We charge an investment management fee, no commissions, no revenue sharing, no nonsense. As a result, our invoicing is simplistic and transparent.

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There is a great amount of comfort in knowing that your financial future is secure. Whether you are planning your retirement or ready to have your hard-earned assets managed by a financial advisor with your best interest in mind,

Roof Advisory Group is:


    Expertise that is focused and disciplined. Our process is designed to mitigate downside portfolio risk while optimizing overall investment returns when compared to clearly identified benchmarks.


    Bound by regulations to provide non-biased investment management clients can trust, reflecting the firm’s core concept of integrity.


    Firm members are all responsible for prompt communication to each client no matter the size.


    We consider each client’s individual needs and situation before giving investment advice and recommendations.

Investment Advice


When you’re serious about managing your money you need a trusted fiduciary investment advisory firm that will create a plan based on your unique needs for:

Retirement Planning
Wealth Management
Inherited Wealth
Portfolio Management
Financial Planning
Investment Advice

Roof Advisory Group has a team of in-house financial advisors with expertise in wealth management, financial planning, and investment analysis that create personalized results. Our duty of care and loyalty puts the clients’ best interests first.

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