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In an ongoing effort to enhance security, enrollment in Schwab’s two-factor authentication system is even easier than before.  Users can now self-enroll on SchwabAlliance.com.  Roof Advisory Group encourages users to sign up for this option as it adds a layer of protection to safeguard your accounts. See the step-by-step guide on how to set up this feature in the images below.

  1. Log into Schwab Alliance, go to Service, go to Security Center.  Find Enroll in Enhanced Authentication and click it.

Security Center Two-factor Authentication

2. The first pop up guides the user to download the app.  Do that and click continue.


3. Enter the Credential ID and Security Code from the Symantec VIP app and click Enroll.

Credential ID and Security code


You’re done! You now have an added level of protection on your Schwab accounts through the two-factor authentication system.



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