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The Roof Advisory Group Inc. story begins with its founder, E. Jeffrey Roof. While working as an executive for several major financial institutions, he thoughtfully observed what was being done well and, most importantly, what could be improved. Armed with that extensive industry insight, he opened the doors to Roof Advisory Group in 1998. His choice to set up the company as an independent Registered Investment Advisor that delivers investment management and financial planning services on a fee-only basis has proven to be powerful.

“Our priority has been providing the best financial solutions for our clientele,” says Jeff Roof, CEO and President of the firm. “Being client-centric has been a defining part of our culture.” The firm’s structure helps deliver on that promise, as all clients are ‘clients of the firm’ and serviced by a team of experienced professionals. Jeff attributes the success of Roof Advisory Group to the individuals who make the firm work. “Each member of our outstanding team of experts is truly motivated to deliver ongoing value to our clientele,” said Roof.

Roof Advisory Group Inc. carefully crafted a focused and disciplined portfolio management process that looks to maximize returns while remaining cognizant of each client’s unique investment needs and overall risk parameters. Gaining a full and detailed understanding of an individual client’s situation often starts with a comprehensive financial plan. In this role, the firm’s involvement ranges from in-depth analysis of a client’s future monetary requirements like legacy planning, college funding, and charitable gifting, to a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s long-term retirement funding.

Roof noted, “Our clients have achieved the level of success where they are now facing multiple and complex planning and investment challenges. They know it’s time for an integrated and comprehensive financial management strategy.” In fact, the firm’s tagline, ‘When You’re serious about Managing Your Money’ originated from a client who shared that sentiment during his first meeting with the firm.

Roof Advisory Group strives to set itself apart from others in the industry by its focus on individualized plans based on integrity, objectivity, and results. A contributor to building client trust is the firm’s role as a Registered Investment Advisor, meaning that there is a fiduciary obligation to keep client investment needs as its top priority. They are true financial advisors. The cornerstone of a fee-only firm is its utilization of true financial advisors, which is distinctly different from fee-based firms. Roof Advisory Group does not receive any compensation based on commissions or product sales.

“Integrity and reputation are values that are critical differentiators for us,” said Roof. “These have been integral parts of our corporate culture, and our fee-only structure provides clients with the transparency that assures them that their needs are number one.”

Published on July 2018 by the Central Penn Business Journal. You can see the original article here. 


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