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New ‘Personal Value’ Graph on Schwab Alliance

Some of you may have noticed the ‘Personal Value’ graph that now appears when you log into the Schwab Alliance website.  This handy chart displays a net change in the value of your accounts over time.  But please take note….it DOES NOT display a true reflection of investment performance!  It is simply displaying the total change in account value due to deposits, withdrawals and market performance.

For Roof Advisory Group clients, your true performance will continue to be communicated quarterly with the reports we distribute.  Our reporting relates ‘time-weighted return’ and the effects of cash flows.  With this method, we are able to report the actual investment performance of your portfolio.

Additionally, for anyone who would like assistance in reviewing a Schwab account statement, this link provides helpful explanations and definitions.

If you have any questions on this important topic, please contact the advisors at Roof Advisory Group.


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