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Roof Advisory Group Cautions Investors About Salespersons Claiming to be Trusted Financial Advisors

Seminars, Articles, and other Instructional Materials Will Empower Investors to be Better Financial Self-advocates

HARRISBURG, Pa.Dec. 13, 2018  — Roof Advisory Group plans to implement an educational initiative in 2019, teaching investors to be better financial self-advocates. The firm will offer free seminars, publish articles, and create instructional materials that provide clear direction for evaluating when a financial advisor is making recommendations in the client’s best interests. The goal is for investors to be able to identify when a financial professional is a salesperson hiding behind an advisor title.

Not all financial advisors are created equal. Most measure success based on the receipt of commissions from the sale of mutual funds, life insurance policies, and annuities. A conflict-of-interest arises because the advisor has an incentive to recommend products with the highest commission without regard towards the best solutions for the client. These financial advisors carry the title ‘advisor’ yet follow a traditional sales model, mainly getting paid through earning commissions from the sale of a product or meeting sales quotas.

The financial advisors and the industry uses many misleading and confusing titles and designations. Roof Advisory Group is focusing on educating investors about these misconceptions. “Integrity and a business structure that truly puts clients’ interests first is critical,” says Jeff Roof, President and CEO of Roof Advisory Group. “A Fee-Only, Registered Investment Advisor serving in a fiduciary role never receives commissions of any kind and can, therefore, provide clients with the transparency that assures them their needs are number one.”

Terms like a ‘Fee-Based,’ ‘Dual Registered,’ and ‘Independent’ financial advisor are commonly misunderstood and misrepresented. These business structures are often not held to fiduciary standards which typically puts the burden on the client to determine the advisor’s motivation behind the recommendations.

Roof Advisory Group will assist investors with determining when a financial professional is driven by client success, not by sales quotas. The firm will outline a ‘fiduciary relationship,’ which is an advisory relationship that sells no products and has a duty of care and loyalty that puts the clients’ best interests above the financial advisor.


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