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Complimentary Investment Portfolio Evaluation

Limited Time Offer — Summer of 2019*

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You worked hard for your money, but is your money working hard for you? No matter how you feel about your financial advisor, seeking a second opinion in the form of an investment portfolio evaluation is a step that every savvy investor should take.

investment portfolio evaluation

Roof Advisory Group offers complimentary investment portfolio evaluations* that will help investors get accurate, non-biased answers to questions like:

  • Are you taking too much or too little risk?
  • How much are you paying in fees?
  • Are you confident that you have identified all of the fees, including potentially hidden ones?
  • How do your mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, etc. compare to those in their peer group?
  • Are you spending too much money?
  • Are you missing something important that could be affecting your earnings?


Investment Portfolio Evaluation

Roof Advisory Group offers investors a complimentary, personalized investment portfolio evaluation* from our Certified Financial Planner Practitioners. “People are consistently surprised by what we find while going through this process, ” Brad Newman CFP®. “We have been able to recommend changes that have significant impacts on risk levels, costs, and net-returns.”




We are fiduciaries, which means that we are ethically bound to act in our client’s best interest.

We are a fee-only firm, which means that we sell no products of any kind.

It is this designation as fee-only fiduciaries that ensures an honest portfolio evaluation for qualifying investors. We have the tools and expertise to assess your investments and provide you with valuable insights.

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*Offer available for qualifying portfolios of $1mm and over. Contact Roof Advisory Group today to set up your meeting.

*Valid through August 31, 2019.

*Evaluations are already part of the service provided to our existing clients.


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