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We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in the history of our firm. On October 1, 2019, Roof Advisory Group joined Fort Pitt Capital Group, LLC (“Fort Pitt”), a leading wealth management firm and registered investment adviser located in Pittsburgh, PA. The entire Roof Advisory Group team of professionals in Harrisburg continues to provide the same level of personalized financial planning and disciplined investment management services that our clients have come to expect. Our custodial relationship with Charles Schwab and investment process are unchanged.

We are excited about our new relationship with Fort Pitt. They are like-minded in their investment philosophy and share with us a commitment to the fiduciary standard and our core value of always striving to put clients’ interests first. This alliance allows us to continue providing you with top-tier client service and investment expertise while also providing an ideal solution for the firm’s succession planning needs.  Additionally, this opportunity allows Roof Advisory Group to take advantage of new resources in operations, technology, marketing, business development, and talent recruitment in order to provide you with continuity of service for many years to come.

We are extremely grateful for the continuing confidence and the trust our clients place in our firm. If you have questions about this change or our new relationship with Fort Pitt, please do not hesitate to contact us. As always, we remain committed to our clients’ long-term financial success and look forward to serving them and our community throughout the years ahead.


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