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Numerous people now have home wireless networks with several devices connecting to the network every day. Think about it, almost anything can connect to your home network, including your smartphones, gaming consoles, baby monitors, maybe even your car. And as so many of us are connecting, working, and learning from home, it’s crucial to make your home cyber secure.

The latest SANS Institute newsletter details simple steps for making sure your home network is secure. Here are the big takeaways:

○    Secure your wireless network: Make sure you change the default administrator password to your internet router or wireless access point. The administrator account is what allows you to configure the settings for your wireless network.

○    Use strong, unique passwords: Ensure the password used to connect to your wireless network is a strong and unique password. The longer your password, the stronger it is. To make a long password consider using a series of words that are easy to remember, such as sunshine-doughnuts-happy.

○    Secure the devices connecting to your network: Figure out all the devices connected to your home wireless network and make sure they are all trusted and secure. The best way to make sure the devices are secure is to change any default passwords and enable automatic updating whenever possible.

And sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you may still be hacked. For what to do if you get hacked, be sure to check out this SANS Institute newsletter.

And for more tips to make your home cyber secure, check out our other SANS blog posts.

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