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SEC Registered Investment Advisor

Roof Advisory Group, a division of Fort Pitt Capital Group, is Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (the SEC).

Our Mission

The sole mission of the firm is delivering objective investment management and financial advice on a fee-only basis. The firm receives no compensation whatsoever in the form of loads, commissions, or 12b-1 fees. We advise clients on managing their assets in the most effective and efficient manner, providing customized solutions for both individual and institutional clients.

SEC Registered Investment Advisor

Our Vision

We believe that all clients should be “clients of the firm.” To that end, our clients have an entire team who knows their background, specific needs and challenges. We are all working on behalf of each client as individuals.

Our vision is clear. Our focus is constant. We make your wealth work for you.

Our History

Rankings and recognitions by unaffiliated publications should not be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that Roof Advisory Group has or will provide a certain level of results in client accounts nor should they be construed as current or past endorsements of the firm by clients. Rankings organizations based their selections on publicly available information and in many cases on information submitted by Roof Advisory Group. Roof Advisory Group is not responsible for any content prepared by outside organizations regarding the products or services offered by the firm. Additional details regarding the criteria and process utilized in formulating these rankings can be provided upon request.