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Registered Investment Advisors with a Center of Effort Philosophy

Roof Advisory Group’s founder Jeff Roof has a lifelong passion for sailing, which is where he first learned about the concept of a “center of effort.” To most efficiently drive a boat forward, one must first find the point where all forces of the wind come together. This point is called the center of effort.

The Center of Effort Means Top Tier Asset Management for Our Clients

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Like sailing, our clients are coming to us with the need to manage many competing forces. Part of our role in that client relationship is to help them define and plan a way that these forces can come together to efficiently and effectively drive their financial well-being forward. We are a multi-disciplined firm, managing investments, and planning from all angles, to find the most appropriate “center of effort” for each client’s individual needs. This philosophy drives our firm. When you add in our group of investment advisors, you get superior advice and wealth management that is in the best interests of the client.

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