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Asset Management

The Process Matters

Each person’s investment situation is unique and addressed as such. Whether our clients look to us for work on a per-project basis like financial planning or for us to proactively manage their assets, our recommendations are designed to maximize returns within jointly determined risk parameters.

To this end, a comprehensive, three-tiered approach is utilized in the firm’s portfolio management.

Asset Allocation is the strict execution of an investment policy, which is unique to each of our clients. We balance risk levels by fine-tuning the percentage of the assets in an investment portfolio as appropriate for that client’s goals, timespan and risk tolerance.

Asset Management Considerations:

  • Asset class/style exposure
  • Industry sector exposure
  • Maturity/rate exposure
  • Historic variation
  • Projected volatility
  • Comparative performance

To construct the stock (or “equity”) portion of a client’s portfolio we utilize our well-researched views on the most efficient investment vehicles:

  • Individual stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Like our stock selections, we utilize various strategies to manage fixed income allocations. Portfolio size and our views on the most efficient investment vehicle for each segment of the portfolio determine which specific strategies are employed. These strategies include:

  • Individual Bonds:
  • Preferred Stocks
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Roof Advisory Group utilizes an expansive variety of diverse research sources. Research reviewed ranges from economic data analysis to in-depth individual security research. Primary sources include Standard & Poor’s, Argus Research, J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, Morningstar, and FactSet. Secondary sources include Charles Schwab, Reuters, Ned Davis Research, etc..

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