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avoid paying taxes

Avoid Paying Taxes on Gains

Avoid Paying Taxes on Gains Do you, like many investors, have investment holdings that you’ve retained simply to avoid paying…

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Investor Beware

Investor Beware

Investor Beware This article was originally posted on Susquehanna Style.  Written by: Bradley R. Newman, CFP® Senior Investment Advisor & Director of…

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Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving Isn’t Just For Year-End

Although ‘Christmas in July’ is far catchier than ‘charitable giving in July,’ the theme is the same… …there’s no need…

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investment strategies

Critical Investment Strategies For Downside Protection

Successful investment strategies are less about capturing 100% of the market’s upside and more about missing the potholes. Avoid the…

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financial planning concerns

Women Face Unique Financial Planning Challenges

Article Published in The Central Penn Business Journal By: Bradley R. Newman, CFP® and Bryson J. Roof CFP® Women face…

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Brad Newman

Tax Changes Just Part of the Larger Conversation

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 Impact On Financial Health With the ink still wet on the freshly signed…

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saving for retirement guide

Savings For Retirement – Your No-Panic Guide For Those Late to the Game

Different stages of life have their unique challenges and distractions when savings for retirement. The typical issues for those most…

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fiduciary investment advice

Fiduciary Investment Advice Ethics DOL Ruling

The financial services industry has been turned upside-down by the passage of a Department of Labor (DOL) regulation that was…

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How does my advisor get paid

How Does My Financial Advisor Get Paid?

Let’s Talk Financial Advisor Compensation How does my financial advisor get paid – it’s become a regular topic of conversation…

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Corporate Merger

4 Steps to Dealing with a Corporate Merger That Impacts You

Corporate merger activity has seen a notable increase in Central Pennsylvania as of late.  The activity in the banking sector…

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