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2nd Quarter 2020 – The “Move On” Phase  

Click below to watch or scroll down to read. Market Update The equity market recovery that began in late March…

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Markets Don’t Wait!

Market Update There were two distinct phases to the first quarter. The first was characterized by an equity market surging…

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Stocks Rangebound; Bond Yield Plummet Continues

3rd Quarter 2019     Market Update While market returns were muted in the third quarter, unexpected developments and jolting…

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fixed income

MarketView – Stocks and Bonds Reflect Diverging Views

Stocks and Bonds Reflect Diverging Views  Market Update Despite several unfavorable global trade developments and continued concerns over domestic and…

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MarketView 1st Quarter 2019 Impressive Rebound

MarketView 1st Quarter 2019 https://youtu.be/kwDdpsbqvU8  Impressive Rebound Market Update After closing 2018 with the worst quarterly decline in seven years…

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marketview 4th quarter

MarketView 4th Quarter 2018 – A Brutal Quarter

MarketView 4th Quarter 2018 – While the third quarter ended with the S&P 500 Index near a record high, the…

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S&P 500

The U.S. Continues to Outperform

The U.S. Continues to Outperform 3rd Quarter 2018 Market Update U.S. stocks finished significantly higher in the third quarter. In…

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MarketView 2nd Quarter 2018

Trade Trumps Fundamentals – MarketView 2nd Quarter 2018

Roof Advisory Group MarketView 2nd Quarter 2018 – Watch or Read Market Update MarketView 2nd Quarter 2018 – Domestic stocks turned…

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Volatility Returned

Volatility Wasn’t Dead – It Was Just Sleeping

Volatility Returned – Roof Advisory Group’s MarketView  After the best January start in almost 30 years, volatility returned to equity…

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passive strategies

Investors Shouldn’t Aim for ‘Average’

Our previous article discussed how investors have gotten too caught up in the debate over active versus passive strategies while…

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