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active versus passive portfolio investing

Asset Allocation More Impactful Than the Active Versus Passive Debate

The active versus passive investing debate continues to receive attention with strong opinions on both sides. We find the discussion…

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saving for retirement guide

Savings For Retirement – Your No-Panic Guide For Those Late to the Game

Different stages of life have their unique challenges and distractions when saving for retirement. The typical issues for those most…

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What Human Advisors Do That Robo Advisors Can't

What Human Advisors Do That Robo Advisors Can’t

  There are various attractive attributes to Robo Advisors (such as nominal costs and low investment minimums) however, Robo Advisors…

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fiduciary investment advice

Fiduciary Investment Advice Ethics DOL Ruling

The financial services industry has been turned upside-down by the passage of a Department of Labor (DOL) regulation that was…

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How does my advisor get paid

How Does My Financial Advisor Get Paid?

Let’s Talk Financial Advisor Compensation How does my financial advisor get paid – it’s become a regular topic of conversation…

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Gen X Longer Time Until Retirement Than Previous Generations

By Lenay Ruhl  Gen X Longer Time Until Retirement Than Previous Generations From Central Penn Business Journal  February 2016 When it…

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Corporate Merger

4 Steps to Dealing with a Corporate Merger That Impacts You

Corporate merger activity has seen a notable increase in Central Pennsylvania as of late.  The activity in the banking sector…

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The Last Generation to Retire

The Last Generation to Retire

The Last Generation to Retire Text by Rebecca Hanlon Harrisburg Magazine November 2015 One of the solutions to addressing the…

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target dated funds

Target-Dated Funds Missing The Target?

You can’t argue that 2015 has been a bit frustrating for investors, especially those who are nervous about an impending…

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Jeffrey Roof smooth sailing

Roof Advisory Group President Takes to the Open Seas

BY JENNIFER A. FITCH | Contributing writer www.CPBJ.com   Jeffrey Roof started sailing as a teenager on Lake Pinchot in…

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