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Investment Management

If you are wondering how to find a financial advisor that places your interests first, your search has led you to the right place. Roof Advisory Group consists of financial advisors that provide direct and ongoing portfolio management to individuals, trusts, not-for-profits, foundations, pension plans, and corporations. In addition, consultative investment advisory and financial planning services are provided on a per-project basis.


Based on our clients’ personal needs and circumstances, each service may be provided in combination or offered individually.

Focused and disciplined

Designed to mitigate the amount of loss sustained during a market decline while optimizing overall investment returns

Non-biased professional experience

Focus on trust, integrity, expertise, and service

Our Services

The firm’s objective is to provide the best customized solution for our clientele. All services are provided on a fee-only relationship.

Customized Portfolio Management

  • Active Management
  • Asset Allocation
  • Security Selection
  • Performance Tracking
  • Risk/Return Comparison
  • Starting at $500k Investable Assets

Investment Advice & Financial Planning

  • Investment Analysis
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Saving for College
  • Business Transition
  • Financial Analysis

Wealth Management

  • Intergenerational Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Wealth Distribution Strategies

Is your money working for you to its fullest potential?

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