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Roof Advisory Group’s private wealth management support is offered in conjunction with the portfolio management services.

Clients’ ongoing private wealth management needs span a broad range of customized services. Some examples are:

Our team will transition a client’s overall asset structure to one that is designed to provide an ongoing, predictable and tax-efficient retirement income. We directly manage our clients’ ongoing disbursement needs as they evolve over time with a focus on providing our clients with seamless and worry-free distributions of their portfolio to meet their post-retirement needs.

For most clients, their managed portfolio assets only represent a portion of their overall net worth. Other assets can include real estate interests, business equity, accrued retirement benefits, potential inheritances, and unmarketable securities. Coordinating a client’s broad-based asset mix helps to assure appropriate wealth preservation and liquidity while also optimizing growth, limiting risk, and maintaining tax-efficiency. This is a critical and ongoing wealth management function.

Many of the firm’s longstanding relationships include members from multiple generations within the same family. Each family has its own unique set of priorities and expectations involving both current and future wealth transfer to family members, charities, etc. The firm is often involved in working closely with a client’s extended family and other professional advisors to ensure continuity in both the management of investments and the implementation of long term objectives.

Most wealth management services involve coordination with the other members of a client’s advisory team, such as an attorney and accountant. Roof Advisory Group does not provide direct in-house legal or tax advice but works diligently with experts in each field to ensure our clients’ overall wealth is appropriately managed, planned for, and ultimately transitioned based on their intentions and desires.

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