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Why choose a fee only, Registered Investment Advisor?

At Roof Advisory Group, we are all these and more.

Fee Only

Our firm has been ‘fee-only’ (not ‘fee-based’) since the beginning. This means that our only portfolio management compensation comes in the form of the quarterly fees we charge our investment management clients. We do not now, nor have we ever, received any compensation whatsoever in the form of commissions, pricing spreads, revenue sharing, bond trading ‘haircuts’ (increasing the cost of a bond to make a profit), etc.

A Fiduciary

We have a fiduciary duty when we manage client assets, meaning that our clients’ best interests must be given priority. The distinctions of a fiduciary are both ethical and legal with strict standards that assure we act in our clients’ best interest. Just because a firm is ‘independent’ does not mean it has a fiduciary duty to its clientele. Our firm’s fiduciary obligation to our client base has been clear and consistent.

A Registered Investment Advisor

Roof Advisory Group is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)*. Those organizations operating as a Broker Dealer (BD) do not have the same fiduciary-level of responsibility to their clients as an RIA. Even organizations that are fee-based ‘hybrids’ (having both BD and RIA capacities) only carry a fiduciary burden on the portion of business in which they operate as an RIA. From a client’s perspective, it is often not clearly defined when a hybrid organization is operating in which capacity. Roof Advisory Group has always been an RIA-only organization.
* Registration with the SEC does not imply any particular level of skill or training.


Both our fee-only and RIA-only Financial Advisor status contribute to the transparency that comes when firm and client interests are directly aligned. There are no hidden charges, product biases, or conflicting motivations associated with the investment services or advice we deliver to those who work with us. A primary principle in the firm’s founding was that this transparency benefited all our clientele, and the ongoing structure and operation of our business assures this differentiation continues today.